The Manitoulin Bison Company is proud to serve you with a unique and flavourful snack made from the finest ingredients grown and processed in Canada.

Head Smash bison snacks are a result of our efforts to create healthy, sustainable, nutritious, mouth-watering and protein-rich snacks.Our snacks come in two formats, a premium jerky consisting of 100% bison meat free of hormones or antibiotics, and meat sticks made with a blend of bison and pork. Both are available in our signature Original Mild and Spicy flavours. For your convenience, both products are shelf-stable and feature resealable packaging. 

At the Manitoulin Bison Company, we pride ourselves on developing one of Canada’s premier snack food experiences. In this endeavour we partnered with two other Canadian family-owned-and-operated businesses that helped us perfect flavourful recipes. We achieved that remarkable flavour by blending spices from three different suppliers, infusing the flavour deep into the bison meat and then treating it with an intense smoke using real maple hardwood chips. 

We guarantee that all Head Smash bison snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and 100% grass-fed bison meat and include:
  • No Gluten
  • No MSG
  • No preservatives
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No hormones
  • No steroids
  • No antibiotics


Health-conscious consumers have come to consider bison as a leading culinary trend. This is due to bison meat offering a substantially better nutritional profile than other red meats, such as beef. Did you know that bison meat contains less fat and more protein than ground beef?


Need more reasons to pick up a Head Smash snack:

  • Bison meat is rich in Omega-3 and selenium mineral
  • Higher content of vitamins than any other meat
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Sustainably raised